Dr. Invention

by Darren Sardelli

Dr. Invention by Darren Sardelli

Dr. Invention invented a light
that helps people see in the dark.
He also invented a merry-go-round
that spins round and round in the park.

He found a new way to catch fish in the bay
by tying a hook to a string.
He thought it was nice when he built a device
that lets you record when you sing.

Dr. Invention has many ideas.
He writes them all down in his books.
He plans to invent a triangular tent
as well as an oven that cooks.

His soda machine is a scientist’s dream
and his candles are strawberry scented.
I hate to inform him, but I have to warn him,
these things were already invented!

  — Darren Sardelli

Copyright © 2020 Darren Sardelli. Reprinted by permission of the author.

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About the Author

Darren Sardelli is a children’s book author and poet known for his humorous rhymes. He travels to schools, globally, inspiring students through poetry assemblies and writing workshops. Darren’s first book, Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie, has helped young people discover how much fun poetry can be. His poems also appear in children’s magazines, school textbooks, and popular children’s books such as Peter, Peter, Pizza Eater (a Scholastic Book List Best Seller), I Hope I Don’t Strike Out (Teachers’ Choice Award), One Minute till Bedtime (Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2016), and School People (Children’s Book Council Book of the Year Finalist). For more information, please visit him online at

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