Fast Food

by Timothy Tocher

Fast Food by Timothy Tocher

When it comes to barbecue,
my uncle Len’s the boss.
He doesn’t follow recipes,
but mixes his own sauce.
He won’t tell the ingredients,
not even to my aunt.
When others try to equal it,
they soon find out they can’t.
Spicy, hot, and sugary,
it’s even good on fish.
In fact, my uncle Lennie claims
it sweetens any dish.
I thought I’d put it to the test
on good old Cousin Herm.
When nobody was looking
I spread sauce upon a worm.
I spooned the worm onto his plate
and told him it was ready
He watched it crawl away and said,
“I don’t eat live spaghetti.”

  — Timothy Tocher

Copyright © 2009. All Rights Reserved. From What I Did on My Summer Vacation: Kids' Favorite Funny Summer Vacation Poems. Running Press. Reprinted by permission of the author.

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About this Poem

Poems about yucky food are a staple in poetry books for children. My contribution to the genre came from the term “fast food”. What if the food really was speedy – even after preparation?

From What I Did on My Summer Vacation: Kids' Favorite Funny Summer Vacation Poems

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About the Author

Timothy Tocher is the author of five, sports themed books for middle grade readers. He writes short stories, poems, and nonfiction articles for all ages. His poems for children have been published in England, Ireland, Germany, and Singapore.

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