Haunted House

by Linda Knaus

Haunted House by Linda Knaus

“Hello, this is the haunted house.
Are you the lost and found?
It seems we cannot find our ghost.
He’s just nowhere around.

We did misplace him once beore.
Just where we can’t recall.
But speaking in our own defense,
he can’t be seen at all.

We don’t know what he looks like so
we can’t provide a clue
as to either his appearance,
his dimension or his hue.

We just called missing persons, but
they claim they can’t assist.
For they won’t look for persons
if the persons don’t exist.

It’s really quite a problem, sir,
and cannot be ignored.
So if you were to find our ghost,
we’d pay a big reward.

Well, call us if you find him please.
He wouldn’t hurt a mouse.
And frankly, sir, without our ghost
we’re really just a house.”

  — Linda Knaus

Copyright © 2006. All Rights Reserved. From Mrs. Pringle's Jolly Jingles. Hands Up Books. Reprinted by permission of the author.

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From Mrs. Pringle's Jolly Jingles

Welcome to Mrs. Pringle’s Jolly Jingles, Linda Knaus’s fun-filled collection of poetry for children. Inside you’ll find poems about some of the wittiest, wackiest characters—from McDermott the Hermit to Handsome Hal, from Poor Miss Penelope Pearl to Meredith Molly McMartin McFad—that are guaranteed to register right at the top of your giggle-o-meter. Linda Knaus is one of the finest and funniest poets writing for children today. So if you like your poetry laugh-out-loud, Mrs. Pringle’s Jolly Jingles is definitely the book for you!

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About the Author

Linda’s love of poetry began very early with a cherished book of rhymes called Jolly Jingles. She has been writing poetry for children for over fifteen years. She began writing for Meadowbrook Press in 1994 where here poetry consistently received high scores in schools across the US. Linda has been published in numerous anthologies in both the US and abroad. She is also the co-author, with Kenn Nesbitt, of Santa got Stuck in the Chimney.

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