I Think There’s a Monster Under My Bed!

by Chris White

I Think There's a Monster Under My Bed by Chris White

I think there’s a monster under my bed!
It started off just as a hunch
But now I’m wondering, “Should I tell someone?”
Before I end up as its lunch

The could be a monster under my bed!
Should I inform the authorities at once?
What if I’m wrong and the army came out?
I could end up looking like a dunce

Is that a monster under my bed?
I’m about 88% certain
I swear I just saw a large head pop out
And nibble a bit of the curtain

I’m convinced there’s a monster under my bed!
The reason that I am now sure
Is that when I got out of bed today
I fell fifteen feet to the floor…

  — Chris White

Copyright © 2010. All Rights Reserved. From Never Give a Duck a Pen. Caboodle Books. Illustration by Chris White. Reprinted by permission of the author.

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From Never Give a Duck a Pen

This is Chris White at his very best–a mad journey through the past ten years of Chris’ favorite poems, such as “Bitey The Veggie Vampire” and “Never Put Curry Up Your Nose.” Whatever Chris writes, his unique sense of humor seems to hit the funny bone every time. Children of all nationalities and cultures seem to have one thing in common–they all like to laugh! Chris White is the king of the belly laugh–you have been warned!

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About the Author

Chris White is a writer. Illustrator and performance poet from the UK. He has sold thousands of books world-wide due to constant appearances at festivals, schools and libraries across the globe.

He has had many poetry and story books published since his first, Bitey the Veggie Vampire, in 2000. As well as scribbling pictures to accompany his own work, Chris illustrates for other authors too., including Brian Moses, Joshua Seigal and Neal Zetter. His latest book is The A to Z of Completely Made Up Dinosaurs.

Chris has featured at many literary festivals , including The Edinburgh Fringe, The Edinburgh Book Festival, The Doha Book Festival and The Cheltenham Book Festival.

His poetry performances and writing workshops have taken him all over the world, visiting schools in places such as China, Russia, Vietnam, Jordan, India, Germany and even The Congo, where he held a poetry and illustration workshop in a cave! Chris recently was writer in residence at the Qatar National Library.

Chris has visited thousands of schools and libraries during his writing and illustrating career. Inspiring countless children to be creative and write their own stories, poems and pick up a pencil and start scribbling their own illustrations.

Chris has had his poems and pictures broadcast on BBC TV and radio, and worked for the British government and the British Council on various projects. He contributes to The Story Mouse App and also designs t-shirts and merchandise for musical acts.

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