by Jackie Hosking

Laverne by Jackie Hosking

Meet Laverne
Laverne the worm

Worms can wiggle
Writhe and squirm

Worms can crawl
And twist and turn

But worms can’t wave hello
They don’t have hands you know

Laverne’s a very clever worm
It didn’t take her long to learn
That she can slither
Slip and slide
Up and down and side to side

But worms can’t walk the street
They haven’t any feet

Laverne is very good at sports
Her body seamlessly contorts
But sometimes gets in sticky spots
When she ties herself in knots

But Laverne can’t play Eye Spy
No matter how she tries
She hasn’t any eyes

Laverne the worm’s a curly girl
A swirly girl
A whirly girl
A twisting, turning twirly girl

But if you give 3 cheers
She quickly disappears
They’re funny little dears
And haven’t any ears

  — Jackie Hosking

Reprinted by permission of the author.

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About the Author

Jackie is a children’s picture book author and poet. Born in Nigeria to Cornish parents, she moved to Australia when she was ten. Her first picture book, The Croc and the Platypus, is published by Walker Books and her next four books are to be published by Walker, Scholastic and Larrikin House. Jackie’s poetry has appeared all over the world in magazines and anthologies and when she’s not writing in rhyme and metre herself, she loves to help other budding writers of rhyme.

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