My Brother’s Not Evolved Yet

by Joshua Seigal

My Brother's Not Evolved Yet by Joshua Seigal

My brother’s not evolved yet.
He lies in bed all day.
He has an old and musty smell
that will not go away.

He shuffles down the hall
and beats his chest just like an ape.
He will not get a haircut
so his head’s a monkey shape.

He grunts in monosyllables.
He cannot say “hello”.
He won’t say “please” or “thank you”—
these are words he doesn’t know.

He drags his knuckles on the floor.
His chin’s encased in fluff.
He pillages the fridge to binge
until he’s had enough.

I’m so fed up of living with
this simian buffoon.
My brother’s not evolved yet.
I hope it happens soon.

  — Joshua Seigal

Reprinted by permission of the author.

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About the Author

Joshua Seigal is a London-based poet, performer and educator. His poetry books are published by Bloomsbury, and he has performed all over the world. In 2020 he won the highly prestigious Laugh Out Loud Book Award. His latest book is Welcome To My Crazy Life (Bloomsbury). He also has a website where you can read lots of fun poems for free:

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