My Cat Bytes

by Brian P. Cleary

Some cats like to prowl
and some even growl,
while others would rather take naps.
But my Mrs. Mittens –
an internet kitten — is
Fonder of laptops than laps.

Unlike other cats,
this one downloads and chats
and is constantly checking her e-mail.
An ad she has posted
has recently boasted
She’s a young single Siamese female.

With paws soft and quick,
She’ll type and she’ll click,
Do some research or maybe some shopping.
She bookmarks new sites,
She surfs and she writes,
Or she’ll scan in some photos for swapping.

It’s simply absurd,
she’s an internet nerd,
Who ignores all the rest of the house.
What cat would admit
It would ever see fit
To enjoy so much time with a mouse?

  — Brian P. Cleary

Copyright © 2004. All Rights Reserved. From Rainbow Soup: Adventures in Poetry. Millbrook Press. Reprinted by permission of the author.

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From Rainbow Soup: Adventures in Poetry

Come romp with me amongst the words/Come play amongst the phrases/Swing and climb from pun to rhyme/And hop through versey mazes. Swim through rivers thick with thought/Rejoice from head to toe-etry. Beat your drums and shake your bums/And dance the dance of poetry. From the author of the best-selling Words Are CATegorical™ series, this playful poetry collection includes limericks, puns, palindromes, and more. Short annotations explain the various forms and terms of poetry used.

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About the Author

Born in Lakewood, Ohio, the third oldest of nine children, Brian P. Cleary grew up reading the bouncy rhymes of Dr. Seuss. A frustrated student and reluctant learner, Brian daydreamed from class to class until being introduced to poetry at about age eight. Intrigued, he set on a course to explore the wonder of words.

He “grew up” in one of the 5 largest creative divisions in the world—American Greetings. He has put words in the mouths of William Shatner and Smokey Robinson, been anthologized with Jack Prelutsky, Kenn Nesbitt, and Lemony Snicket and authored and sold more than 3 million children’s books.

As a humorist, writer, and poet, Brian P. Cleary shows kids how to play with words. He believes that humor is not only a fun way to learn, but an effective way to teach. His best-selling Words Are CATegorical™ series, which introduces young readers to different types of words through rhyming verse and illustrations of comical cartoon cats, has been compared to the likes of Dr. Seuss, while his books of poetry and puns have been honored alongside the works of Roald Dahl and Shel Silverstein. Fondly known as the “word nerd,” Brian lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

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