My Dog Plays Invisible Frisbee

by Kenn Nesbitt

My Dog Plays Invisible Frisbee by Kenn Nesbitt

My dog plays invisible Frisbee.
He catches invisible balls.
He rides an invisible skateboard.
He hurdles invisible walls.

My dog has perfected the practice
of doing invisible tricks.
He jumps with invisible jumpropes
and fetches invisible sticks.

He barks at invisible mailmen.
He growls at invisible cats.
He’ll bring me invisible slippers
and even invisible hats.

He chases invisible squirrels
whenever we go for a jog.
He’s clearly the greatest dog ever.
I love my invisible dog.

  — Kenn Nesbitt

Copyright © 2010. All Rights Reserved. From The Tighty-Whitey Spider: and More Wacky Animal Poems I Totally Made Up. Sourcebooks Jabberwocky. Reprinted by permission of the author.

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From The Tighty-Whitey Spider: and More Wacky Animal Poems I Totally Made Up

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About the Author

Former Children’s Poet Laureate (2013-15) Kenn Nesbitt is the author of many books for kids, including Kiss, Kiss Good Night, My Hippo Has the Hiccups, My Cat Knows Karate, and many others. His poems have appeared in numerous bestselling anthologies, including every book in the popular Kids Pick the Funniest Poems series, and anthologies with nearly two million copies in print. His work has been published in hundreds of school textbooks around the world, as well as national television programs, and numerous children’s magazines. Kenn travels the world, visiting more than 60 schools each year, sharing his wacky brand of poetry with kids everywhere, and helping to create a new generation of poetry lovers. His website,, is the most visited children’s poetry website on the Internet.

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