My Funny Poem

by Donna Murphy

My Funny Poem by Donna Murphy

I wrote a poem. I turned it in.
My teacher read it with a grin.

He looked so pleased, I thought he’d cry.
A tear was welling in his eye.

He smiled so wide, I have to say,
I knew I’d nail an easy A.

He chuckled, and I felt so proud
To hear my teacher laugh out loud.

He held his sides and read some more.
He wound up rolling on the floor.

He giggled like a girl, and then
Stood up and read my poem again.

He snickered, snorted, shouted, “D’oh!”
“Excuse me kids, I gotta go.”

His face turned red as off he ran,
Still snickering, to use the can.

He didn’t make it there to pee.
My poem came back. I got a D!

  — Donna Murphy

Reprinted by permission of the author.

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About the Author

Selected as one of 20 winners among thousands of entries for Half Price Books’ 13th annual poetry/illustrator Bedtime Storybook Contest promoting literacy for children, Donna holds dear her childhood of hearing poetry and stories (like Alice in Wonderland) from her grandpa and mom, and trying her hand at poetry at a young age.

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