My Gramps and I Are Werewolves!

by Kathy Kenney-Marshall

My Gramps and I Are Werewolves by Kathy Kenney-Marshall

My grandpa is a werewolf,
and he thinks that no one knows.
But every time the moon is full
his hairy body grows.
His teeth turn into scary fangs.
He grows enormous ears.
He turns into a monstrous thing
that everybody fears.
He yowls and howls and makes such noise
the neighbors lock their doors.
I think that I’m the only one
who loves it when he roars.
Then last month when it happened
I began to howl, too.
And all the neighbors thought
that they were living in a zoo.
But howling’s not the only thing
that happened on that night.
My ears turned long and pointy,
and I grew a tail of white.
And then my nose grew very long.
My ears began to shiver.
Then my feet turned into paws.
My jaw began to quiver.
I ran into the bathroom,
and I saw a gruesome sight.
I’d turned into a werewolf
like my grandpa on that night!
Now Gramps and I can’t wait each month
to prowl the neighborhood,
and when the moon is full
on Halloween it’s extra good!
We chase the trick-or-treaters,
and we make them run away.
I wish that full moon halloween
would happen every day!

  — Kathy Kenney-Marshall

Copyright © 2006. All Rights Reserved. From Dinner with Dracula: A Spine-Tingling Collection of Frighteningly Funny Poems. Meadowbrook Press. Reprinted by permission of the author.

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From Dinner with Dracula: A Spine-Tingling Collection of Frighteningly Funny Poems

Dinner with Dracula is a hilarious collection of scary, spooky, spine-tingling poems about werewolves, vampires, headless horsemen and other creepy creatures that will tickle kids’ funny bones.

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About the Author

I am a writer, teacher, wife, mother, and grandmother; not in that order! I have been a teacher for 31 years and have always loved to write. I supposed I started writing all the way back in elementary school in Methuen, MA, a then smallish town just about 30 north of Boston. I used to make up stories, then poems here and there. But when I really became a more avid writer was when I was teaching third grade in Framingham. It was time to teach poetry, it was April after all, and I thought about how silly it was of me to expect my students to just “write a poem,” without any direction or ideas about how. So…I began my own journey of learning about this craft. I learned with my students and then the love of poetry grew! I found that kids can really relate to the everyday things they know about and they definitely LOVE when a poem makes them laugh or even feel sad. I found myself needing to keep a notebook by my bed at night because I had so many ideas day and night! I was published in many anthologies of children’s funny poetry through Meadowbrook Press. I was included in: If Kids Ruled the School, Rolling in the Aisles, Oh My Darlin’ Porcupine, Dinner With Dracula, I’ve Been Burping In The Classroom, What I Did On My Summer Vacation, and My Teacher’s In Detention. I also co-wrote a book called, What Women Don’t Know About Growing Older.

I was also a weekly columnist in the MetroWest Daily News back when newspapers were offered mostly in print. I wrote op/ed columns about everyday life happenings…and believe me, as a mother of three at that time as well as being a teacher, there was a LOT to write about. I usually wrote with humor in mind because even when things are tough, there is always something we can laugh at in our lives. When the internet began publishing newspapers online, well, my columns became bi-weekly, then monthly, until papers weren’t big enough to add columns like mine. So I took some of my columns and other short pieces and published a book called, Crumbs From The Table Of Life.

At this point in my life, I am still writing poetry, but am considering a book of short stories. You’re never too old to write!!

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