Parent-Teacher Conference

by Darren Sardelli

At the parent-teacher conference,
my father made a scene.
He scared my fifth-grade teacher
with his mask from Halloween.

She showed him all my science grades
and said she was concerned,
but he just stuck his tongue out
when my teacher’s back was turned.

He drew a monster on the board
and claimed it was her twin.
He even shook her soda,
which exploded on her chin.

My angry teacher crossed her arms
and said, “This meeting’s done!
I now see where he gets it from—
you act just like your son!”

  — Darren Sardelli

Copyright © 2009. All Rights Reserved. From Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie: And Other School Poems that Are Out of this World. Laugh-A-Lot Books. Reprinted by permission of the author.

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About this Poem

When I was a kid, I was never a fan of parent-teacher conferences. I was always worried what my teacher might tell my parents. My grades were pretty good, but my behavior could have been better. When I wrote the poem, “Parent-Teacher Conference,” I wanted to create an experience that every student might enjoy. One of the best things about writing is that you can put ANYTHING in a poem or story. You get to be as silly as you want to be. The next time you have a silly idea, grab a pencil and start writing!

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From Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie: And Other School Poems that Are Out of this World

In Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie, you’ll run into a teacher who mixes up her words, one who gives detention to water fountains and bus tires, and one who forgets how to act around students. You’ll meet unusual lunch ladies who serve Candy Cane Craters, Milky Way Shakes, and fresh Corn on the Comet. There’s also a dog that enjoys doing chores, a parent who gets out of hand at a parent-teacher conference, and a principal who lets kids take over the school on Opposite Day. Pam Catapano brings each poem to life with her colorful characters, brilliant imagination, and delightful illustrations.

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About the Author

Darren Sardelli is a children’s book author and poet known for his humorous rhymes. He travels to schools, globally, inspiring students through poetry assemblies and writing workshops. Darren’s first book, Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie, has helped young people discover how much fun poetry can be. His poems also appear in children’s magazines, school textbooks, and popular children’s books such as Peter, Peter, Pizza Eater (a Scholastic Book List Best Seller), I Hope I Don’t Strike Out (Teachers’ Choice Award), One Minute till Bedtime (Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2016), and School People (Children’s Book Council Book of the Year Finalist). For more information, please visit him online at

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