Salad Bowl

by Brian Rock

It’s fun to go bowling
At the old Salad Bowl.
The ball’s made of lettuce,
So let us all roll

The ball down the alley
To the ten standing pins
Made of carrots and squash
Till somebody wins.

We’ll knock down the veggies,
Then we’ll cheer as they fall.
And when we have finished
Tossed salad for all!

  — Brian Rock

Copyright © 2004. All Rights Reserved. From Don't Play with Your Food. First Light Pub. Illustration by John Moerner. Reprinted by permission of the author.

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From Don't Play with Your Food

Hotdogs strut, fishes fret, and celery runs amok in this playful collection of food related poems for children (and adults with childlike tendencies.) From the perils of life in a salad bowl to spicy dances behind cupboard doors, Brian Rock and John Moerner lead a poetic and playfully picturesque romp through the secret life of food.

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About the Author

Brian Rock is a children’s author and former teacher. He has enjoyed writing stories since he was old enough to hold a no. 2 pencil. Although he was once put out of class for writing too many stories, he went on to receive a master’s degree in Creative Writing and Children’s Literature from Hollins University. Along the way, Brian has performed as a stand-up comic, worked as a “McCountant,” and written award-winning country songs. He lives in Virginia with his wife, his daughter, and his many imaginary friends.

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