Stu the Soccer Ball’s Lament

by Donna Murphy

Stu the Soccer Ball's Lament by Donna Lee Murphy

I’m Stu, the school’s last soccer ball.
The others got away.
They rolled right off the soccer field
at 2 o’clock today.

They grew so sick of being kicked,
they wanted to be free.
I tried my best to follow them,
I hollered, “Wait for me!”

The wind was blowing fiercely
and it took me for a ride.
I came quite close to catching up
when, suddenly, it died.

I slowly rolled then came to rest,
just like a sitting duck,
on Highway One and then
got run right over by a truck!

The soccer coach was angry
when she scraped me off the street.
Oh, how I wish I were a Nerf,
just like my cousin Pete.

She tossed me in the trash can
(I don’t like it here at all).
I sit here sulking sadly
with the school’s last volleyball.

  — Donna Murphy

Copyright © 2020 Donna Murphy. Reprinted by permission of the author.

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About the Author

Selected as one of 20 winners among thousands of entries for Half Price Books’ 13th annual poetry/illustrator Bedtime Storybook Contest promoting literacy for children, Donna holds dear her childhood of hearing poetry and stories (like Alice in Wonderland) from her grandpa and mom, and trying her hand at poetry at a young age.

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