The Common Cormorant

by Anonymous

The Common Cormorant by Anonymous

The common cormorant or shag
Lays eggs inside a paper bag.
The reason you will see no doubt
It is to keep the lightning out.
But what these unobservant birds
Have never noticed is that herds
Of wandering bears may come with buns
And steal the bags to hold the crumbs.

  — Anonymous

From Humorous Poetry for Children. The World Publishing Company.

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From Humorous Poetry for Children

Fun—from smiles to hearty laughter—is in store for all who browse through these pages. And those who haven’t tried reading poetry before needn’t feel bashful about picking up this volume. For its only aim is to give the reader a good time. And only a sense of humor is required.

Many of the poems come from the pens of serious writers who for a moment let themselves go on a ridiculous rhyme. Many of them come from writers who spend their time seriously concocting humorous poetry. Both American and British poets are represented, some known only for their serious work, some contemporary masters of humorous poetry.

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About the Author

“Anonymous” means that the author’s name is unknown. While sometimes an author may choose to publish something without revealing his or her name, in most cases the name of the author has simply be lost over time.

Anonymous poems include traditional rhymes, such as nursery rhymes and old songs, as well as newer verses that were published without credit to the true author.

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