The Creature

by Bill Dodds

The Creature by Bill Dodds

In the middle of the night,
in the part that’s known as “dead,”
I wake and hear the breathing
of the creature ‘neath my bed.

Sometimes he growls and threatens me,
sometimes he only stares.
He’s big and mean and ugly,
and I shiver when he glares.

His B.O. fills the bedroom,
and his breath is awful too.
His teeth are caked with ick and grime;
he should be in a zoo.

Instead, he lives beneath me—
it’s like rooming with a skunk.
The creature’s my big brother,
and he has the lower bunk.

  — Bill Dodds

Copyright © 2006. All Rights Reserved. From Dinner with Dracula: A Spine-Tingling Collection of Frighteningly Funny Poems. Meadowbrook Press. Reprinted by permission of the author.

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From Dinner with Dracula: A Spine-Tingling Collection of Frighteningly Funny Poems

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About the Author

Bill has had some three dozen books published. He’s not exactly sure how many. Yes, he could go back and count them but — and here’s a fun fact — he doesn’t want to. And besides, for some books he was a co-author. Do two co-authored books equal the same as one one-authored book? And what about anthologies? He didn’t write all the poems in them but each has included more than a couple of his. (For example, one that begins “Little Molly Peters stuck her finger up her nose.” Eat your heart out, Dante.)

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