The Karate Pig

by B.J. Lee

The Karate Pig by B.J. Lee

At Porker Elementary,
there was a bullied pig.
The other pigs yelled, “Bacon Bits”
’cuz, well, she wasn’t big.

At home, she Googled “self-defense,”
signed up for martial arts.
She learned to punch and kick until
her skills were off the charts.

Now when pigs start taunting her,
she takes a half-moon stance.
She spins her arms and twirls her legs.
She halts them with one glance.

When pigmates think of bullying,
her moves cause them to stop.
They’ve all quit shouting, “Bacon Bits”—
they now call her, “Pork Chop.”

  — B.J. Lee

Copyright © 2016. All Rights Reserved. From The Best of Today's Little Ditty: 2016. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Reprinted by permission of the author.

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About this Poem

I, along with my three brothers, have always been enamored of pigs, don’t ask me why! I write many poems with pigs as main characters. This particular poem is about bullying, and standing up to bullies, but I tried to get the point across with humor.

From The Best of Today's Little Ditty: 2016

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About the Author

B.J. Lee is a former music librarian at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee turned full-time author and poet. Her debut picture book, There Was an Old Gator Who Swallowed a Moth, released last year with Pelican Publishing. She is an award-winning children’s poet with over 100 poems published/forthcoming in major anthologies by such publishers as Little, Brown, National Geographic, Bloomsbury, Penguin/DK, Eerdmans, Wordsong and Otter-Barry. Magazine credits include Spider, Highlights, and The School Magazine. She blogs at Today’s Little Ditty, where she is an authority on poetic forms.

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