The Tortoise and the Gecko

by Eric Ode

The Tortoise and the Gecko by Eric Ode

A gecko sat crying alone by a canyon
with no one beside him. No friend or companion.
When slowly a tortoise came wandering by
and watched as the gecko would sniffle and cry.
He said in a voice that was ancient and frail,
“My dear little lizard, please tell me your tale.”

The sad little gecko looked up in surprise,
and, wiping the tears from his round little eyes,
he said to the tortoise, “Please sit for a spell.
My story is nearly too painful to tell.
The gecko I love but I never have seen
is patiently waiting across this ravine.

“I’m sure she’s as lovely as lilies in June.
A fine, freckled gecko with eyes like the moon.
I come every morning to sit at the ledge
and shout to my sweetheart this passionate pledge.
‘I love you, my darling!’ I proudly proclaim,
and soon my beloved, she answers the same.”

The heartbroken gecko announced through his tears,
“This long-distance romance has lasted for years.”
“A mighty sad story,” the old tortoise said
and walked away slowly while shaking his head,
for, try as he might, he could not tell the gecko
he’d fallen in love with the sound of his echo.

  — Eric Ode

Copyright © 2010. All Rights Reserved. From My Cat Is in Love with the Goldfish: and Other Loopy Love Poems. A&C Black. Reprinted by permission of the author.

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About the Author

Eric Ode (pronounced Oh-dee) is a national award-winning children’s singer/songwriter, a widely published author and poet, and a thoroughly engaging entertainer. He has contributed poems to dozens of anthologies as well as poems and lyrics to a Grammy Nominated and a Grammy Award winning album. A former elementary teacher, Eric has been invited to share his music and poetry programs with schools, community festivals, libraries, and churches throughout the United States, in Germany, Japan, and in Guam.

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