What a Week!

by Lynn Vieira

What a Week by Lynn Viera

On Sunday I complained to Mom
that I was feeling lazy
I said it without thinking but she went completely crazy

Monday I was taught to dance and bake a cake and sew my pants
Tuesday I was told to jog and learn the drums and walk the dog
Wednesday I was made to swim and fix the car and join a gym
Thursday I was forced to cook and get a job and write a book

By Friday I felt quite unmoored.
I made a frantic bid
I pleaded that I needed some more time to be a kid!

My whining wore my mom out and
my free time was restored
and I have learned to never
say I’m bored!

  — Lynn Vieira

Reprinted by permission of the author.

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About this Poem

In March of 2020 I made my debut in the Madness Poetry competition. My word was “unmoored”, and I lost in the first round to some incredible talent. It was an inspiring experience and I’m already warming up my rhyming muscle for next year.

About the Author

Lynn Vieira has been a closet poet for many years, with an affinity for all things quirky, and humour that catches her by surprise. A business analyst by day, Lynn is working on exercising her right brain one rhyme at a time. She lives in a small town north of Toronto, Canada with an amazing husband and two wonderful grown sons. They don’t like reading but she loves them anyway.

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