When Rover Passed Over

by Colin West

When Rover Passed Over by Colin West

When Rover died, my sister cried;
I tried my best to calm her.
I said, “We’ll have him mummified,
I know a good embalmer.”

And so we packed the wretched pup
Into a wicker basket.
We duly had him bandaged up,
And kept him in a casket.

Now Rover we will not forget,
Though he is but a dummy,
For though we’ve lost a faithful pet,
We’ve gained an extra Mummy!

  — Colin West

Copyright © 2001. All Rights Reserved. From The Big Book of Nonsense: Poems to Make You Laugh out Loud!. Hutchinson of London. Illustration by Colin West. Reprinted by permission of the author.

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From The Big Book of Nonsense: Poems to Make You Laugh out Loud!

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About the Author

Colin West was born in Epping, on the outskirts of London, in 1951 and now lives near the south coast of England near Hastings, where there was an historic battle in 1066. Ever since he was young, Colin has had a love of funny rhymes and silly songs. This love of words, along with a desire to make others laugh, led him to make up his own funny poems. He has also had a lifelong love of drawing, so it seemed natural to create his own books combining these two interests. He went on to study Illustration at the Royal College of Art in London, and has since written over fifty children’s books.

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